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Google I/O Keynote 2009, day 2

Google I/O 2009 Keynote, Day 2

Google Wave – Product, Platform, and Protocol

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Notes from Google I/O Keynote 2009, day 1

Google I/O Keynote

Wednesday 5/27/2009

San Francisco, CA #io2009

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Standalone icons for Prism & Fluid: Gmail, GCal, & Wave

Today I tried Mozilla Prism (cross platform) and Fluid (mac only), both of which are used to create single-site browsers (SSBs).  I especially wanted to use them for GMail and Google Calendar since those are the two web apps I consistently have open in a tab at all times.

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Google Summer Internship Completed / Goodbye California

This summer I had the privilege to intern at Google and spent another summer in Silicon Valley – the hub of all things tech-related. My internship lasted 10 weeks and, much like my Yahoo! internship last summer (I gave my reasons for not going back to Yahoo! this summer), I had an incredible experience.

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Google Summer Internship

I’m was recently offered and accepted an internship at Google for the summer. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity as I’ll be working at the company which has been having such an incredible amount of impact on the web. I’m looking forward to being around and learning from the very talented people that work there.

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CSS Tabs, BrowserCam, and Temporary Email Addresses

After spending time today with frustrating IE6 CSS issues with borders on ul and li tags, I finished my CSS navigation tabs. The CSS is based on the XHTML produced by the WordPress K2 theme, but can be easily matched for any site.

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Update on Google Calendar

As a follow-up to my post noting some issues I’ve found with Google Calendar – namely what seemed to be a security hole, I was extremely pleased to see an email from Google on the matter:

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New Website Launched – 24/7 Tutor

I just completed a web design project for 24/7 Tutor – a new Gainesville-based tutoring service for UF students. They let students call them literally 24 hours a day for tutoring in a growing list of difficult classes…

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Issues with Google Calendar

Update: Google responds.

Google has been doing a great job innovating lately through the integration of their products (Docs and Spreadsheets, Calendar and Gmail, etc). This integration, however, has not come without security issues arising. TechCrunch has covered several of them – but I believe I have found another… Read the rest of this entry »