Notes from Google I/O Keynote 2009, day 1

Google I/O Keynote

Wednesday 5/27/2009

San Francisco, CA #io2009

Better liveblogging here:

100x improvement in JavaScript speed in the last decade

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, & Opera – all supporting HTML5 with Canvas, Video, Geolocation, App cache / database, Web workers

Canvas tag – supported in all but IE

Bespin – web IDE

Chrome profiler is built completely in HTML5

O3D – OpenSource 3d in JavaScript

Video tag – get video out of “plugin prison”

YouTube demo with <video> tag

Geolocation – supported in all browsers but IE

Mozillia VP – “A good API in 4 browsers is better than a perfect API in 0 or 1 browsers”

Google Maps will soon be adding a geolocation button

Announcement: Google Latitude on the iPhone in the browser using geolocation (WOW)

App cache / database – supported in all browsers but IE

Demo: with Safari – manifest file names cached application/graphics files

Demo: web app on Android with GMail in airplane mode – extremely fast

Web workers – threads in the browser – so JavaScript doesn’t completely freeze the browser

Demo: motion detection from the video tag all in JavaScript


Google App Engine

200,000+ developers, 80,000 + applications

Whitehouse app had 700 requests/second with no problem

Announcement: Java open on App Engine

Demo: develop an Ajax app in Eclipse (with Google plugin) in Java on both serverside (app engine) and client side (GWT) extremely quickly.  Just hit deploy (no FTP) in Eclipse.

Google Web Toolkit

Upcoming: Debug directly in any browser

Upcoming: runAsync() lets the compiler split up JavaScript files.  Example: 1.4MB to 200KB, compiler handled dependencies itself.


Google Web Elements (announcement)

Copy and paste website content:

Calendar, Conversation, Custom Search, Maps, News, Presentations, etc.


Android – coming soon new features

FREE ANDROID for everyone!

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