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How to upgrade MacPorts to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

This weekend I upgraded OS X from Lion to Mountain Lion. Documenting steps I had to do to get all my development environments working with MacPorts.


  • First installed the latest XCode via the Mac App Store
  • Downloaded/Installed Mountain Lion
  • Launched XCode one to so I could agree to license, etc.
  • MacPorts also requires the XCode Command Line tools which are a separate install. Inside XCode preferences: “Instead, they can be installed optionally using the Components tab of the Downloads preferences panel as shown in” (source)
  • Had to run “sudo xcodebuild -license” after getting “Error: for port libunwind-headers returned: command execution failed”. Run this, scroll down, type agree.
  • sudo port selfupdate
  • sudo port upgrade outdated
  • Everything finished and worked properly except MongoDB. Currently there’s a bug and the easiest/best work around seems to be just manually installing the latest stable OS X version from and manually copying the binaries into /opt/local

Why is this so hard… Apple

It’s 2012 and the web and mobile devices are capable of amazing things, which is why it’s so surprising to me that some of the simplest things are still so hard.

I’ve got the latest iPhone with its 8MP camera and HD video camera, complete with iOS 5 and I pay for extra storage on iCloud. Apple’s supposed to be the best at designing simple user experiences across hardware and software – and I believe they are.

So when I want to take a bunch of photos and videos that I took from my iPhone and share those with some family members, it should be simple right?

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Standalone icons for Prism & Fluid: Gmail, GCal, & Wave

Today I tried Mozilla Prism (cross platform) and Fluid (mac only), both of which are used to create single-site browsers (SSBs).  I especially wanted to use them for GMail and Google Calendar since those are the two web apps I consistently have open in a tab at all times.

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On OSX, svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ‘.’; please get a newer Subversion client

I got this message when trying to use Subversion on OS X through Terminal.

I checked out my svn version using “svn –version” and it said I was using 1.4.4 – so I decided to update. Here’s how…
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Switch to MacBook Pro and OS X

A couple months ago I bought my first Mac computer with the release of the new MacBook Pros. The new machine is beautiful and the switch to OS X from Windows has been primarily positive overall.

There were a few things from Windows that I greatly missed, but I found solutions which worked:
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