Google I/O Keynote 2009, day 2

Google I/O 2009 Keynote, Day 2

Google Wave – Product, Platform, and Protocol

  • Attempt to answer “what would email look like if it was developed today”
  • Combines Gmail, Translation, collaboration via Google Docs, Photos, etc., all in one
  • Because it is completely open, companies can host their own instances of Wave and Google never has to see the data – yet the users of separate platforms can still communicate with each other!

TechCrunch coverage
Google Wave
Google Wave APIs
Google Wave Protocols

I’m looking forward to WordCamp this weekend.  I’m curious to see if there will be any WordPress / Google Wave integration already.  Being able to have blog comments automatically pushed to users who aren’t actually looking at your blog would be a huge win.  If there’s no WordPress integration project already, I may just start one.

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