New Website Launched – 24/7 Tutor

I just completed a web design project for 24/7 Tutor – a new Gainesville-based tutoring service for UF students. They let students call them literally 24 hours a day for tutoring in a growing list of difficult classes…

The site’s back-end is run by WordPress – I am very happy with using it as a complete, but cost-effective, content management system (CMS) solution. The back-end is not fool-proof (lot’s of things to click) but certainly is not too difficult for most clients. Most importantly, being able to take advantage of a such a well-written, open-source solution enables clients to have a CMS with little additional cost.

In addition to using WordPress, I integrated a Google Calendar, allowing the company to add events to a good-looking calendar easily through Google’s existing calendar website. Even more exciting is the fact that users of the site can then “subscribe” to the calendar, or copy specific events to their own personal Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is officially my second most-relied-on service by Google (search is #1, personalized home is #3). Even though it does have its share of problems, I now rely on it to pretty much run my life, since I switched from Outlook Calendar a few weeks ago.

Hopefully John, Tom, and Maxim from 24/7 Tutor are happy with the site – and hopefully it will bring them a lot of new business.

Edit: someone asked me if there’s really that big of a market for personal tutoring for a University. There certainly is. TutoringZone currently dominates the market I believe (although with a crappy web design), TutorGator looks like they just ripped off Facebook’s site design, and I know there is at least one other company.

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  1. Richard Crowley said,

    October 24, 2006 @ 9:24 am

    Nice work, Phil. Not to be a bastard, but something’s screwy with the fonts that causes the “Contact Us” link to drop below, screwing up the flow of the picture and text-on-blue on Linux Firefox. I shrunk the font down to what I expect it should look like and the site looks great.

    Looking at your CSS, I think the fix is just replacing “san-serif” with “sans-serif” so I don’t get this big ugly serif font.

  2. Phil Freo said,

    October 24, 2006 @ 10:28 am

    Thanks for pointing that out. The problem is because Linux doesn’t have some of the fonts that it uses by defaults. Obviously I don’t know how to spell anything in latin correctly. I have made the correction, let me know if you still notice a problem.

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