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My Backbone.js book published!

On my goals list for 2013 was to write an eBook of some sort. When I was approached to join some other Backbone.js contributors in a “book sprint” to write a book on developing a Backbone.js application, I happily accepted!

The process went fairly smoothly (all things considered, when 5 people all write a book at once, mostly over a weekend). There were some challenges with timezones and schedules, but overall the team did a great job getting it done.

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Book Review: “jQuery 1.3 with PHP”

I was given another book to review, called “jQuery 1.3 with PHP”, so here it is.  The book is aimed at beginners or intermediate developers wanting to learn how to “enhance your PHP applications by increasing their responsiveness through jQuery and its plugins“.

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Book Review: “Magento: Beginner’s Guide”

I was given a copy of a book called “Magento: Beginner’s Guide” to review, so here goes.  Overall, the book does a good job of giving a high-level walkthrough of all the different aspects of running a store with Magento.

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