My Backbone.js book published!

On my goals list for 2013 was to write an eBook of some sort. When I was approached to join some other Backbone.js contributors in a “book sprint” to write a book on developing a Backbone.js application, I happily accepted!

The process went fairly smoothly (all things considered, when 5 people all write a book at once, mostly over a weekend). There were some challenges with timezones and schedules, but overall the team did a great job getting it done.

We started by building our sample project, Hubbub (a GitHub Issues tracker in a Kanban format), upon which we’d base the book. We wanted to build an app that was more complex / real-world than the typical localstorage Todo list example apps out there. You can see the final project live here.

You can read more about the book on the publisher’s site here: Developing a Backbone.js Edge, or buy it from one of these locations:

Thanks to Casey Foster, Aidan Feldman, David Tonge, and Tim Branyen for co-writing it with me, and for Troy Mott for organizing the book sprint.

And now for some SEO love… I hope this book will become one of the best selling Backbone.js tutorial books out there!

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