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Book Review: “Magento: Beginner’s Guide”

I was given a copy of a book called “Magento: Beginner’s Guide” to review, so here goes.  Overall, the book does a good job of giving a high-level walkthrough of all the different aspects of running a store with Magento.

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Magento eCommerce – First Thoughts & Tips

Magento is an incredible open-source PHP eCommerce platform built around the idea of flexibility, and has been gaining a huge amount of traction over the last 18 months.  Unlike “old” open-source solutions such as osCommerce, Magento was architected very carefully using OOP principles and MVC so that the entire system can be customized (both visually and functionally) without having to modify core application files.  This ensures that future updates aren’t a pain, and that multiple extensions can live peacefully together.
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