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Using Lambda@Edge to setup server-side redirects on a Cloudfront+S3 static site

As an engineering team at @Close, we’re trying to write more about what we are learning/doing. I recently got to dabble in a little coding project, so I wrote it up. This post originally appeared on the Close Engineering Blog here.

We host our main marketing website,, as a static site (in our case, generated via Lektor) served by AWS. We store all the staticly generated files in S3 and have a Cloudfront distribution in front as our CDN.

Occasionally, we’ll need to setup a redirect, to point an old URL to a new URL, for example when combining two pages.

In S3 hosted static websites like ours, there were basically two main ways to accomplish redirects…

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How to allow direct file uploads from JavaScript to Amazon S3 signed by Python

On we originally implemented to allow for file uploads while sending emails. While it was a quick way to get started with file uploading initially, after several minutes of downtime of their API and then an unannounced change in their JSON response format, I was reminded once again that you shouldn’t to rely on small startups for critical parts of your tech infrastructure.

There’s nothing wrong with if you want to use a lot of their features, but in our case we just needed to allow simple uploading of files to our own AWS S3 bucket. Here’s how:
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