Yahoo! Time Capsule / Cali Fun / OpenDNS

I just got back from another trip to the Bay Area in California, where Yahoo! generously flew me out to be a part of their Time Capsule Camp event…

The event was a lot of fun – we “made media” for the Time Capsule. We had a big mobile scavenger hunt by The Go Game and ended up with some funny video (it’s long) and pictures (full photoset). Go team super6 (we won)! We then had some great food and a workshop on Flickr and Jumpcut. It is clear that Yahoo! is about social media.

Next up was some unscheduled fun with Bre from Make who set up his balloon aerial photography unit (here’s a great photo). It was crazy letting loose a digital camera attached only to a big bunch of balloons and a line of 1000 feet of string.

Monday night was a dinner, thanks to Paul, with David Ulevitch and Allison Rhodes from OpenDNS. We had a great dinner and conversation as well. If you haven’t already, go set up OpenDNS now (it will only take 1 minute) for a better, safer, and faster internet. OpenDNS protects users from phishing scams, and if I type example.cmo, I will automatically be redirected to my intended domain.

Overall it was a great trip. It is always good to catch up with friends from Yahoo! and hang out with fellow previous interns like Paul, Richard, Doreen, and Britta. (And can’t forget some good In and Out burger with Jason Katzer)

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  1. Chris Ritke said,

    November 9, 2006 @ 1:36 am

    Hey – I found you! Cool photos – that was a great day – and soooo good to meet you!

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