Technologies I’ve worked with in 2009

One benefit of doing freelance development work is that I get the opportunity to get involved in many different technologies and frameworks in a short amount of time.

Since the year is over… here’s a quick list of 15 technologies/frameworks that I got to learn in 2009 alone, during my last year in college.

  1. Learned PHP optimization techniques, such as using APC and Memcached
  2. Worked with the Twitter API to create a Twitter bot
  3. Learned advanced Google Analytics tools and did multivariable testing of conversion rates with Website Optimizer
  4. Work with the PayPal Payments Pro API
  5. Created a simple Facebook App (using FBML)
  6. Learned some Objective C and worked with XCode and Interface Builder
  7. Created a basic iPhone App that interacted with an XML web service
  8. Worked heavily with Magento customization and theming work
  9. Wrote a WordPress plugin to make deploying multiple sites easier, along with plenty of other WordPress development
  10. Wrote an ExpressionEngine module to save people time, and other EE work
  11. Learned about various MySQL performance with different storage engines
  12. Built a Google Wave Robot at a Google hackathon and demoed it at a WordPress Dev Day
  13. Worked with the YouTube API to build an automatic video status checker
  14. Geo-targeting by IP address
  15. Automatic language detection of text with Google’s Translation API

Hopefully 2010 will bring its own interesting technologies and opportunities to learn!

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