Mac Software I Use

I just got a sweet new MacBook Pro Retina – way faster than my old MBP. I wanted to do a clean install rather than restoring from a TimeMachine backup, which meant reinstalling software and manually transferring stuff over that I really needed. I kept a list…

Misc apps:

  • Set Screenshot location – store screenshots off desktop
    defaults write location ~/Screenshots/; killall SystemUIServer
  • Window Wrangler – move+resize windows from keyboard
  • Dock Dodger – to keep things like Window Wrangler out of the dock
  • DNSCrypt – encrypted DNS
  • SelfControl – stop myself from getting distracted
  • VLC – play any files. less annoying full-screen mode with multiple monitors.
  • KeyRemap4MacBook – make F4 do Dashboard rather than LaunchPad – I use calculator & calendar a lot
  • CloudApp – easy screenshot + file sharing
  • 1Password – password management
  • Spotify – music

Dev stuff:

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