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Greasemonkey script: Facebook Reorder Sidebar

Hate scrolling down to see birthdays on Facebook? I just wrote a quick user script to reorder the parts in the sidebar on Facebook’s homepage.

Before: Requests, Suggestions, Sponsored, Highlights, Events/Birthdays, Connect
After: Requests, Events/Birthdays, Suggestions, Highlights, Sponsored, Connect

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Some Advice for Facebook on Integration

This post actually is a comment I left for this blog post, but decided I would also post it here.  The author’s post discusses contrasting opinions on using several separate social media websites vs. using Facebook for everything.  My comment is below:

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Facebook, part 3

Facebook – after recently getting a “facelift” with its News Feed (which delivers constantly updated information about your friends) and Mini-Feed (to show your friends what you have been up to) – has been up to a lot more. By opening itself up to anyone with any email address today, the once-exclusive social networking site can now be accessed by anyone. This is not big news though, Zuckerberg announced this would happen a while ago.

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“Facebook Notes”

Facebook, on a roll launching new features, just launched “Facebook Notes” which automatically imports posts from common blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogspot, even Myspace) and displays them in a new “Notes” section in your profile. Facebook automatically detects links in your profile to any supported blogging platform and allows you to import all yours posts.

Clearly Facebook is wanting to get into as many areas of social networking as possible, with the recent release of the Facebook API ( I’m glad they’re becoming more open, as well as trying to integrate with existing blogging platforms. Although I’m not sure quite what I think about their term “Notes,” I’m glad they are bringing blogging into an even more “mainstream audience”.

Facebook just launched, allowing developers to interact with Facebook through an API. This is a great step for Facebook. It will increase functionality as developers create new applications and makes the system more “open”. At the time of writing, there are already 2 applications in the “product directory”. One creates a photo mosaic of your facebook picture with your friend’s faces. The other is an expense tracking program. Neither are too exciting as of now, but the possibilities have just been opened. Check it out:

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Look, I’m famous…

Look mom, I’m famous… the Yodel Anecdotal (Yahoo’s Corporate Blog) released a podcast on social networking that features me and 6 other interns discussing current trends in social networking. Go check it out.