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Yahoo! Summer Internship Offer

In late March of this year, when I was at school and was just starting to think “what am I going to do this summer?”, a big opportunity opened up for me almost all at once. I was literally sitting in a Calculus 3 class when my cell phone started buzzing, and an unknown, out of state number appeared. That was nothing new or special, but they left a message, making me more interested. Once I got out of class, I listened, and sure enough, “Hi my name is …, I’m a recruiter from Yahoo! … and we want to talk to you about some positions with the company…”. I really couldn’t believe it at first and I won’t lie, I think I listened to the message at least 4 times. When I got back to a computed and checked my e-mail, sure enough, there was a legitimate email:

My name is … and I’m a recruiter with Yahoo. When you have a free moment I would like to discuss Front End Engineering positions we have open. When might be a good time to speak?

Many phone calls and emails later, I got a (generous) offer letter packet in the mail and accepted it, but it had not been an easy decision. I already had several opportunities to stay in Jacksonville with family and friends, to work on a project of my own, do freelance, or possibly repeat my internship from last year. However, this was an opportunity I decided would be foolish to pass up. A job at the headquarters of the world’s most popular website doing what I love, while gaining great experience for myself, my resume, and picking up a good bit of cash.

PS – thanks to everyone who helped show me that this was an opportunity not to miss. And thanks to Chris Dawson who reminded me to check for cheap Kappa Sigma housing in CA, so that I’m not actually losing money by working out here. Photos of “my crib” are available.

Wohoo, a Blog – and a job with Yahoo!

After telling enough people that I’m “going” to put a blog on my site, it’s time to finally do it. And what better time than now.

So here goes. Expect semi-frequent ramblings about my life, web development, college, interning at Yahoo!, entrepreneurship, and anything else I feel like.

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